Red Steagall - Official Cowboy Poet of Texas


Red Steagall, official Cowboy Poet of Texas, published the following poem in his book Ride for the Brand.  Click here to buy the book or find other books by Red Steagall.....




Hats Off to the Cowboy

The city folks think that it’s over.

The cowboy has outlived his time—

An old worn-out relic, a thing of the past,

But the truth is, he’s still in his prime.


The cowboy’s the image of freedom,

The hard-ridin’ boss of the range.

His trade is a fair one, he fights for what’s right,

And his ethics aren’t subject to change.


He still tips his hat to the ladies,

Lets you water first at the pond.

He believes a day’s pay is worth a day’s work,

And his handshake and word are his bond.

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